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cups and hooks fancy flower
Cups and hooks.

Helaina Sharpley is a designer-maker producing elegant 2D and 3D wire sculptures/illustrations.

After graduating from Herefordshire College of Art and Design, with a BA (honours) degree in Design Crafts, in 2006, Helaina returned home and now works from her studio in Mirfield, West Yorkshire.

Her award winning wirework has since been exhibited across the UK.

Everything related to tea and tea drinking - tea cups and saucers,tea sets and tea parties are the artists main passion (verging on obsession!)  And therefore this has been a recurring theme in her wirework.

However, Helaina now also makes wirework based on elegant Edwardian architecture (although she admits this is just an extension of the tea drinking theme!)

The artist is always open to discussing new ideas and welcomes commissions.

For more information, please do contact the artist on 07708 135000 or

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